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Online Versus Offline Sports Betting – Which Is better?

For generations, sports betting was done via brick-and-mortar locations not only here in Nigeria but all over the world. This type of betting is what is known as offline betting which includes bookie, sportsbook, horse track, or casino.

However, with the technological advancements of the internet and smartphones in the recent past, sports betting has exploded online with the betting industry seeing a boom like never before with much of the bookies business moving from the high street to the virtual world.

However, sportsbooks, bookies and casinos are still alive and kicking and haven’t given up yet, with their massive screens filled with betting lines, betting tellers, bright lights and betting slips, are parked and still have their appeal.

When comparing the two modes of betting, there exist many factors that one can choose from. Let’s look at some of the differentiating factors between the two.

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  • Betting Options: An avid sports bettor loves having a wide range of betting options including a variety of sports to bet on and different wager types. This is the case with online betting. On the other hand, most offline betting points limit the number of sports that they take wagers on and don’t offer as many types of wagers for each sport as well.

As an example, Bet9ja has a huge sportsbook[2] with dozens of different sports to bet on. In comparison, a physical betting point may only offer 5 of the most popular sports like football, tennis and so forth.

  • Available Sports: Offline betting establishments only cover the major professional sports and some major international leagues vis-a-vis online betting which offers just about every sport possible including local Nigerian leagues.
  • Sports Betting Environment: Offline sports betting locations are well known for their overall good and exciting atmosphere. Picture this! Sitting in front of a computer placing a wager on a horse, or being live at a horse race? Definitely, a live horse race will be more exciting.

Going to these offline establishments to bet becomes more than just placing a wager, it becomes an experience. Online betting from home allows you to create your own personal environment, but it surely doesn’t compare to the excitement of being with others and the thrill of live betting.

  • Distractions: The flip side of being in an exciting offline betting establishment is that there are more distractions as opposed to having an isolated and quiet environment at home betting online. It’s harder to focus on placing your bets when there are people screaming over different games as is mostly the case in casinos and sportsbooks where people bet offline.
  • Convenience: With online sports betting, you can bet at home or on the go[3]. It also allows you to place a bet at any moment of the day, day or night so long as the lines are available. However, this is not the case when it comes to offline betting where betting establishments have hours of operation.
  • Customer Support; Offline sports betting establishments have real-life human-to-human contact where bettors can ask questions if they don’t understand something. When dealing with online sports betting, if you have a question or problem then you will probably have to read a lengthy FAQ or submit a help ticket, which may take some time before help or feedback is given.

Well, both of these modes have their own perks and choosing either option is more of personal preference. Best advice: try them both and decide what suits you most. For most Nigerians, that would be online betting. But, hey, let me not speak for the whole nation.

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